Membership renewal for 2019-20 will open May 15th. The NYSPTA is a statewide organization created to enhance the development of parking and transportation professionals within the State of New York. We provide a forum in which professionals can network, share, and disseminate information specific to the parking and transportation industries, and speak with a united voice.


  • Professional Development: NYSPTA offers industry specific seminars taught by New York's parking and transportation industry leaders.

  • Networking: Visibility, dialogue, problem-solving by New Yorkers for New Yorkers, with New Yorkers.

  • Education: Source of up-to-date industry information on standards, equipment, and trends. Shows New York parking and transportation professionals the cutting edge of current industry technology.

  • Diversity: Information for all New York parking and transportation professionals, large and small municipalities, hospitals, universities and colleges, and airports.

  • Trade Shows: Annual trade show highlights latest equipment, products and consultants in the parking and transportation industries.

  • Legislative: Keeps members informed of proposed or current legislation which impacts the industry.

  • Social: Spend quality time with other parking and transportation professionals.


Membership Levels

Regular $50.00 

Includes 1 Voting Member

Affiliate $100.00

Includes 1 Voting Member & 1 Associate Member

Consultant $100.00

Includes 1 Voting Member & 1 Associate Member

VENDOR $100.00

Includes 1 Voting Member & 1 Associate Member

Associate $25.00

No Vote - Additional representative of Regular, Affiliate, and Consultant Member


Regular Members

Regular Members shall be municipalities and other government bodies, parking and transportation authorities, boards, bureaus, commissions, departments, colleges, universities, airports, hospitals, or other institutions and agencies having similar responsibility for the establishment, operations, maintenance, control or direction of public parking and/or intermodal transportation.

Affiliate Members

Affiliate Members shall be corporations or individuals engaged in providing operating services to the public parking and transportation and/or transportation industry. Affiliate Members shall be commercial parking and transportation companies engaged in the business of operation and/or development of public parking and/or intermodal transportation.

Consultant Members

Consultant Members shall be individuals or organizations providing consultation services to the parking and/or transportation industry.

Vendor Members

Vendor Members shall be corporations or individuals engaged in supplying goods, equipment, uniforms, vehicles, or supplies to the public parking and/or transportation industry.

Associate Members

Associate Members shall be additional representatives of the Regular, Affiliate, Vendor, and Consultant Members and shall have no voting privileges.